how to change your language and/or update or help create new translations files

How to change the language:

  • Change the file setting in the config.yml here to your preferred language if it is in the languages folder.

  • You can also change the currency format [BCP-47] here!

  • You can change all messages/shop-titles/etc as you please!

  • You can translate the messages to your language (or improve translations) to your language if not listed here. You can also share your translations on crowd-in (instructions below) and we will add them to the plugin for new users!

  • You can add \n in your message to add a new-line/return.

  • All messages can contain color codes such as the regular format using &5 or the RGB format using#9000FF to make it a purple color.

  • All messages can contain automatic gradient formatting aswell using the format of <gradient:#[hex]>{message}</gradient:#[hex]>. Example: &l<gradient:#F700FF>Previous Page</gradient:#FFFFFF> Use this site to get hex colors.

Since version 3.1 of EconomyShopGUI, the language files will automatically add any non existing messages to your language file.

Currently supported languages:

List of currently supported languages and filenames

How to contribute new or improve existing translations:

The language files of EconomyShopGUI are open source and you can edit them in our crowdin.

Contribute by first making a crowdin account, click the language you want to translate, select the source file, and start translating, its that easy!

Some guidelines to keep in mind when translating:

  • Translated messages should have the same color codes as the source string

    • Example: If the source message contains &8&l(Bold gray, mostly used for inventory titles) or &a(Green, mostly used in messages sent to players) as color codes, the translation should also follow these colors

  • Should contain the same message structure, these messages are included in the default language files and not made personally for your own server

    • Example: The plain message of Sell price: %amount% should not be translated to something like Prices: \n ➤ Sell price: %amount%

  • Commands should not be translated, only command arguments between <> or []

    • Example: /eshop additem <section> <material> <buyPrice> <sellPrice> [displayname]

      • Where only the green parts of the command can be translated

  • Placeholders between % characters should not be translated

If you are a translator on our crowdin, make sure to join our discord server and ask for the translator role so you get updates when new translations become available to translate and get access to the translators channel!

English Language File Example: (lang-en.yml)

  • settings should be self-explanatory:

# Help translate this file over on our Crowdin:

creating-latest-shops: "Creating default shops for the latest version because there was no existing layout found matching server version %version%, please use a supported server version."
default-shops-created: "Default shops layout compatible with %version% created at %path%"
loaded-shop-configurations: "Completed loading %total% shop configs from /shops/"
default-sections-created: "Default sections layout created at %path%"
loaded-section-configurations: "Completed loading %total% section configs from /sections/"
updating-shop-settings: "Updating Shop settings..."
creating-new-shop-config: "Creating a new shops config for '%section%' because no shops config was found while there is a sections config. Not removed correctly?"
creating-new-section-config: "Creating a new sections config for '%section%' because no sections config was found while there is a shops config. Not removed correctly?"
disabled-due-no-vault: "Disabled due to no Vault dependency found, please install Vault."
disabled-due-no-economy: "Disabled due to no economy plugin was found, please install a plugin such as EssentialsX."
update-available: "There is an update available for EconomyShopGUI, you are running v%plugin_version% but found v%latest_version%."
done: "Initialized - Took %millis%ms to complete"
updating-sections-config: "Updating sections config..."
debug-mode-enabled: "Debug mode is enabled."
economy-provider-null: "EconomyProvider is null."
successfully-hooked-into-vault: "Successfully hooked up into Vault."
language-file-using: "Using %languagefile% as language file."
cannot-find-language-file: "Can not find language file!"
minecraft-version-using: "Using minecraft version %version%..."
checking-each-item: "Checking each item for wrong/missing value's..."
loading-items: "Loading all items..."
could-not-find-valid-version: "Could not find a valid implementation for this server version. This will cause the plugin to not have a version to use and result in lots of items/methods not working. Please use a supported minecraft version."
updating-configs: "Updating the configurations because a newer version has been found..."
creating-backup: "Creating a backup from the old %fileName%, the file can be found in the backups folder inside the EconomyShopGUI plugin's folder."
discounts-feature-unavailable: "Discounts feature cannot be enabled because no permissions plugin was found."
cannot-hook-permissions: "Failed to find a supported permissions plugin"
enabled-plugin-hook: "Enabled %plugin% hook..."
failed-plugin-integration: "Failed to hook into %plugin%, plugin is disabled or not found..."
loading-season-modifiers: "Loading season modifiers from config..."
loaded-season-modifiers: "Completed loading %total% modifier(s) for season '%season%' in world '%world%'"
no-season-modifiers-found: "No season modifiers found for season %season% in config"
season-change: "Detected season change in world '%world%', loading modifiers for season %season%..."
economy-providers-loaded: "Completed loading %total% economy provider(s) for all %shops% shop sections."
section-economy-provider-loaded: "Using '%economy%' as default economy for shop '%shop%'"

#Shop prefix
shop-prefix: "&9&lShop &8&l>> "

#Main Shop Inventory
inventory-main-shop-title: "&8&lServer Shop"
profile: "&aProfile"
name: "&6Name"
money: "&6Balance"
level: "&6Level"

# SellGUI inventory
inventory-sellgui-title: "&8&lSellGUI"

#Buystacks Inventory title
inventory-buystacks-title: "&8Buying stacks &a&l> &r&8%item%"

# Transaction screen
inventory-howmuchsell-title: "&8Selling &c&l> &r&8%item%"
inventory-howmuchbuy-title: "&8Buying &a&l> &r&8%item%"
plus-one: "&b+1"
min-one: "&5-1"
plus-sixteen: "&b+16"
min-sixteen: "&5-16"
plus-thirty-two: "&b+32"
min-thirty-two: "&5-32"
sell: "&aClick to sell"
sell-all: "&cClick to sell all"
buy: "&aClick to purchase"
buy-stacks: "&cClick to buy stacks"
transaction-screen-total-price: "&3%price%"
transaction-screen-total-amount: "&5x %amount%"
max-amount-reached: "&cMax amount reached"

#All Inventory's
back: "&4Back"
cancel: "&4Cancel"

#Previous/Next/Current page
previous-page: "&dPrevious Page"
next-page: "&bNext Page"
current-page: "&7Page:"

# ShopItem lore
left-click-buy: "\n &a&lBuy Price\n &a■ &f%buyPrice%"
seasonal-buy-price: "\n &a&lBuy Price\n &a■ &f&m%buyPrice%&r &f%seasonalBuyPrice%"
discounted-buy-price: "\n &a&lBuy Price\n &a■ &f&m%buyPrice%&r &f%discountedPrice%"
right-click-sell: "\n &c&lSell Price\n &c■ &f%sellPrice%"
seasonal-sell-price: "\n &c&lSell Price\n &c■ &f&m%sellPrice%&r &f%seasonalSellPrice%"
multiplied-sell-price: "\n &c&lSell Price\n &c■ &f&m%sellPrice%&r &f%multipliedPrice%"
shift-right-click-sell-all: "&bShift + Right Click: Sell All"
item-location-in-shop: "&8Section: %shopsection%, Index: %itemLoc%"
item-cannot-be-bought: "\n &a&lBuy Price\n &a■ &fCannot be bought"
item-cannot-be-sold: "\n &c&lSell Price\n &c■ &fCannot be sold"
item-seasonal-price: "&e&lSeasonal price %season-icon%"
decoration-lore: "\n &e&lUsage:"
decoration-lore-buy: "&e ╚&e&l» &fLeft click to buy"
decoration-lore-sell-all: "&e ╚&e&l» &fShift + Right Click to sell all"
decoration-lore-sell: "&e ╚&e&l» &fRight click to sell"

#Buy/Sell Messages
discord-srv-player-transaction: "%player_name% %bought/sold% %amount% x %items% for %price%"
pay-confirmation: "&aYou have successfully bought &1%amount% x &b%material% &afor &c%amounttopay%"
sell-confirmation: "&aYou have successfully sold &1%amount% x &b%material% &afor &c%amounttopay%"
sell-confirmation-multiple-items: "&aYou have successfully sold &1%amount% &aitems for &c%amounttopay%"
no-item-to-be-sold: "&cYou do not have any of this item inside your inventory."
cannot-purchase-item: "&cThis item cannot be purchased."
cannot-sell-item: "&cThis item cannot be sold."
player-made-transaction: "%playername% %bought/sold% %amount% x %material% for %amountofmoney% with the %buy/sell-method%."
player-made-transaction-multiple-items: "%playername% %bought/sold% %items% for %amountofmoney% with the %buy/sell-method%."
buy-screen: "buy screen"
sell-screen: "sell screen"
buystacks-screen: "buy stacks screen"
sellall-screen: "sell all screen"
sellall-command: "sell all command"
sellgui-screen: "sell gui"
quick-buy: "quick buy screen"
quick-sell: "quick sell screen"
auto-sell-chest: "SellChest"
bought: "bought"
sold: "sold"
on-screen-title-sold: "&a+%price%"
on-screen-title-bought: "&c-%price%"

currencysymbol: "$%price%"
symbol-pricing-format: "%symbol%%price%"
named-pricing-format: "%price% &l%currency-format%"

# XP Currency name format
xp-currency-name-singular: "XP point"
xp-currency-name-plural: "XP points"

#All commands
command-disabled-in-world: "&cThis command is disabled inside this world."

#Edit-shop subcommand descriptions
editshop-add-item-subcommand-desc: "&aAdd a item to the shop."
editshop-edit-item-subcommand-desc: "&aEdit an existing item in the shop."
editshop-remove-item-subcommand-desc: "&aDelete a item from the shop."
editshop-import-subcommand-desc: "&aImports files/settings from another location or plugin."
editshop-add-hand-item-subcommand-desc: "&aAdd a item from you hand to the shop."
editshop-add-section-subcommand-desc: "&aAdd a shop section to the shop."
editshop-edit-section-subcommand-desc: "&aEdit an existing shop section."
editshop-remove-section-subcommand-desc: "&aRemoves an existing shop section from the shop."
editshop-migrate-subcommand-desc: "&aAllows to migrate data from another location or plugin."

#Edit-shop subcommand syntaxes
editshop-add-item-subcommand-syntax: "&a/editshop additem <section> <material> <buy price> <sell price> [displayname]"
editshop-edit-item-subcommand-syntax: "&a/editshop edititem <section> <item> <action> <key> <value>"
editshop-remove-item-subcommand-syntax: "&a/editshop deleteitem <section> <item>"
editshop-import-subcommand-syntax: "&a/editshop import <plugin> <file>"
editshop-add-hand-item-subcommand-syntax: "&a/editshop addhanditem <section> <buy price> <sell price>"
editshop-add-section-subcommand-syntax: "&a/editshop addsection <section> <material> <displayname> <slot>"
editshop-edit-section-subcommand-syntax: "&a/editshop editsection <section> <action> <key> <value>"
editshop-remove-section-subcommand-syntax: "&a/editshop deletesection <section>"
editshop-migrate-subcommand-syntax: "&a/editshop migrate <plugin> <image> [flags]"

#Edit-shop command messages
editshop-adding-item: "&aAdding new item to shop %shop%..."
editshop-add-item-successful: "&aSuccessfully added the item to shop %shop% under %itemPath%."
editshop-adding-section: "&aAdding new section config for shop %section%..."
editshop-add-section-successful: "&aNew section config created at %path%."
editshop-editing-item: "&aUpdating the item..."
editshop-edit-item-successful: "&aSuccessfully updated '%itemPath%'."
editshop-editing-section: "&aUpdating section..."
editshop-removing-item: "&aRemoving the item from the shop..."
editshop-remove-item-successful: "&aSuccessfully removed '%itemPath%' from the shop."
editshop-removing-section: "&aRemoving the section from the shop..."
editshop-removed-section: "&a&aSuccessfully removed '%itemPath%' from shop."
editshop-reload-shop-to-see-changes: "&aUse command /sreload to load the changes inside the shop."
file-replaced: "&aThe old %fileName% has been replaced with the new file, the old file can be found inside the backups folder if you messed up something."

#Edit-shop command errors
section-does-not-contain-item: "&cSection '%shopsection%' does not contain the item '%itemLoc%'."
no-valid-action: "&cNot a valid action '%action%'. \nAvailable actions: %actions%."
no-valid-key: "&cNot a valid key '%key%'. \nAvailable keys: %keys%."
action-not-valid-on-key: "&cCannot %action% the '%key%' key."
edit-item-material-invalid: "&cThe material from the item you are trying to edit is invalid. '%material%'"
key-already-defined: "&cThe '%key%' key is already defined on the item, you cannot add this twice."
key-is-not-found: "&cThe '%key%' key cannot be removed from the item because it is not found."
plugin-not-found: "&cCannot find a plugin specified with that name, please check if we do support this plugin."
file-not-found: "&cCannot find a file with name %fileName% inside the plugin folder of %pluginName%."
no-valid-slot-for-item: "&cThe item could not be placed at slot '%slot%'. The slot needs to be 1 - %maxShopSize%."
slot-already-in-use: "&cThe slot for this section is already taken.\nAll available slots: %available-slots%"
slot-needs-to-be-number: "&cThe slot of the item in the main menu needs to be a number."

#Reload Command
configs-reloaded: "&aAll configs reloaded."

# Sellall command usages
sellall-command-usages: "&aCommand usage(s):"
sellall-inventory-command-usage: "&7/sellall inventory &f- &7Sells all items in your inventory"
sellall-hand-command-usage: "&7/sellall hand &8[amount] &f- &7Sells all items in your hand"
sellall-item-command-usage: "&7/sellall <item> &8[amount] &f- &7Sells all items in your inventory matching the given item name"

# ShopGive command
shop-item-given: "&aYou were given &c%amount% &ax &6%material%"
shop-item-received: "&aYou received &c%amount% &ax shop item from section &6%section% &aand item index &6%itemIndex%"

#Balance Command
check-balance: "&bYou currently have &c%amountofmoney%&b."
check-balance-other-player: "&b%playername% &acurrently has &c%amountofmoney%&a."

#Givemoney Command
givemoneycommand-example: "&9/givemoney <player> <amount>"
givemoney-complete: "&aGivemoney complete."

#Pay Command
minimum-amount: "&cThe minimum amount to pay a player is %minimumamount%."
payment-complete: "&aPayment complete."
player-received-money: "&aYou received &c%amounttogive% &afrom &2%playername%&a!"
need-player-and-amount: "&9You need to give a player and a amount of money."
need-amount: "&9You need to give a amount of money."
paycommand-example: "&9/pay <player> <amount>"

#Player breaks spawner
default-spawner-name: "&9&l%spawner-type% &rSpawner"
spawner-broke-and-applied-to-inventory: "&aYou successfully mined a &9%spawner-type%&a, the item is applied to your inventory."
need-silk-touch: "&cYou need to use a silk touch pickaxe to mine this!"

join-message: "&2Welcome, your balance is &c%balance%!"

#Level event
level-event-message: "&2[Levels] &5Here you go, &c%amount% &5has been added to your balance!"

#Item error's
displayname-null: "Could not get displayname."
item-name-null: "Could not get the name of the item."
need-item-material: "Can not create item with a blank material value."
item-material-null: "Failed to load item material like '%material%', possibly it doesn't exist or is spelled wrong."
item-enchantment-null: "Could not get the enchantment of the item."
need-item-enchantment: "Can not create enchantment with a blank value."
item-enchantment-not-supported: "This enchantment is not supported in this minecraft version."
enchantment-cannot-apply-to-item: "To apply an enchantment to the item, the material needs to be enchanted book or a tool that fits the enchantment."
item-spawnertype-null: "Could not get the spawner type of the item."
need-item-spawnertype: "Can not create spawner with a empty spawner-type."
material-needs-to-be-spawner: "To apply a Spawner-Type(Entity-Type) to the item, the material of the item needs to be a spawner."
item-potiontype-null: "Could not get the potion type of the item."
need-item-potiontype: "Can not create a potiontype with a blank value."
potiontype-not-supported: "This potion type is not supported in this minecraft version."
material-needs-to-be-potion: "To apply an potion effect, the material needs to be a kind of a potion or a tipped arrow."
cant-bind-multiple-applyments: "Can not create an item with multiple applyments like enchantments/spawner-types or potion effect types."
item-error: "&cItem Error, look in the console."
material-not-supported: "This item material is not supported in this minecraft version."
item-needs-buy-and-sell-value: "Every item in the shop needs to have a buy/sell value."
sell-value-wrong: "The sell value needs to be a decimal or a number."
buy-value-wrong: "The buy value needs to be a decimal or a number."
option-type-changed: "Please change option 'type' to option 'spawnertype' to create a spawner in the shop. The name of the option has changed in version 2.2 for clarity."
option-meta-changed: "Please change option 'meta' to option 'displayname' to create a item with a displayname in the shop. The name of the option has changed in version 2.2 for clarity."
cannot-display-shopsection: "Cannot create shop section '%shopsection%' because the slot of the item needs to be in a range from 0 - %maxInvSize%."
need-recipe-material: "Cannot create the recipe material with a blank value."
cannot-get-recipe-material: "Cannot create the recipe material, please check the material name for any spelling mistakes and if it exists."
recipe-material-not-supported: "The given recipe material is not supported in this minecraft version."
material-needs-to-be-book: "To apply an recipe to the item, the material of the item needs to be a KnowLedge book."
need-skullowner: "Cannot create the PlayerHead without a specified player (Skull Owner)."
material-needs-to-be-skull: "To apply an skull texture (Skull Owner) to the item, the material of the item needs to be a Player Head."
material-needs-to-be-leather-armor: "To apply an color to a armor piece, the material needs to be leather armor."

#Item path
items-path-in-shops-config: "Item path in shops.yml: %location%"
items-path-in-sections-config: "Item path in sections.yml: %location%"
items-path-in-config: "Item path in config.yml: %location%"

mineablespawners-compatibility-enabled: "Spawner provider set to MineableSpawners in config"
mineablespawners-found: "MineableSpawners found, integrating..."
mineablespawners-not-found: "MineableSpawners was not found"
could-not-intergrate-with-mineablespawners: "Could not integrate with MineableSpawners"
using-mineablespawners-spawners: "Using MineableSpawners as spawner provider..."
rosestacker-compatibility-enabled: "Spawner provider set to RoseStacker in config"
rosestacker-not-found: "RoseStacker was not found"
could-not-integrate-with-rosestacker: "Could not integrate with RoseStacker"
rosestacker-found: "RoseStacker found, integrating..."
using-rosestacker-spawners: "Using RoseStacker as spawner provider..."
ultimatestacker-compatibility-enabled: "Spawner provider set to UltimateStacker in config"
ultimatestacker-not-found: "UltimateStacker was not found"
could-not-integrate-with-ultimatestacker: "Could not integrate with UltimateStacker"
ultimatestacker-found: "UltimateStacker found, integrating..."
using-ultimatestacker-spawners: "Using UltimateStacker as spawner provider..."
wildstacker-compatibility-enabled: "Spawner provider set to WildStacker in config"
wildstacker-not-found: "WildStacker was not found"
wildstacker-found: "WildStacker found, integrating..."
could-not-integrate-with-wildstacker: "Could not integrate with WildStacker"
using-wildstacker-spawners: "Using WildStacker as spawner provider."
spawner-compatibility-enabled: "Spawner provider set to %provider% in config"
spawner-provider-not-found: "%provider% was not found"
spawner-provider-found: "%provider% found, integrating..."
failed-spawner-provider-integration: "Could not integrate with %provider%"
using-external-spawners: "Using %provider% as spawner provider."

silkspawners-compatibility-enabled: "SilkSpawners compatibility has been enabled in config."
silkspawners-not-found: "SilkSpawners was not found"
silkspawners-found: "SilkSpawners found, integrating..."
could-not-integrate-with-silkspawners: "Could not integrate with SilkSpawners."
using-silkspawners-spawners: "Using SilkSpawners spawners..."
using-default-spawners: "Using plugin default spawners..."

cannot-find-discounted-section: "Cannot add discounts for section '%section%', either the shop section is disabled or not found."
cannot-find-discounted-group: "Cannot add discounts for permission group '%permsGroup%', please check the spelling and if it exists in your permissions plugin."
disabling-plugin: "Disabling the plugin..."
not-spawn-able: "This entity type is not spawn able. '%spawnertype%'"
real-player: "You need to be a real player to use that command."
player-not-online: "&cThat player does not exist or is not online."
cannot-sell-air: "&cYou cannot sell air..."
no-permissions: "&cYou do not have permissions for that."
no-permissions-to-open-shop: "&cYou do not have the required permission to open this shop section."
cannot-do-that: "&4You can not do that!!"
more-space-needed: "&cPlease make more space inside your inventory and then try again."
could-not-store-all-items: "&c%amount% item(s) couldn't be added to your inventory because it is full."
not-enough-space-inside-inventory: "&4You do not have enough space in your inventory, dropping the remaining items on ground."
insufficient-money: "&cYou do not have enough %currency%."
canceling-transaction-no-space: "&4You do not have enough space in your inventory, canceling transaction. \nPlease make more room inside your inventory and try again."
no-items-in-section: "Can not open shop section %shopsection% because there are no items found!"
no-item-found: "&cNo items found which can be sold."
item-null: "&cThe item does not exist."
item-cannot-be-sold-to-server: "&cThe item (%material%) cannot be sold to the server because the item has a error inside the shop. Please report this issue to server admins or the owner."
could-not-save-config: "Could not save %fileName% config."
rgb-color-formatted-wrong: "RGB colors must be formatted as: '0x000000', '#000000' or '000000' at %path%."
no-shop-found: "&cCan not find a shop section called by that name"
no-valid-amount: "&cNot a valid amount"
restart-plugin: "Can not open the shop section, try restarting the plugin or join the discord server for support."
could-not-check-for-updates: "&cCould not check for updates."
cannot-update-config: "&cCannot update the config.yml configuration file."
cannot-read-config: "Cannot read %fileName% config because it is mis-configured, use a online Yaml parser with the error underneath here to find out the cause of the problem and to solve it. If you cannot find the cause yourself, join our discord support server that can be found at a plugin page of EconomyShopGUI."
error-occured-while-reloading: "&4A error has occurred while reloading the plugin, please look inside the console for any error message."
could-not-get-the-limitedstock-mode: "Could not get the limitedstock mode: %limitedStockMode%"
error-occurred-while-connecting-to-database: "A error occurred while trying to connect to the database"
invalid-item-type: "&cInvalid item type for %type%"
cannot-enter-shop-banned-gamemode: "&cYou cannot buy/sell items while being in %gamemode%."
cannot-use-command-banned-gamemode: "&cYou cannot use this command while being in %gamemode%."
cannot-load-season-modifier: "Failed to load season modifier for '%path%' because there was no loaded section/item found."
invalid-season-modifier: "Invalid modifier found at '%path%', it needs to be a valid percent between -100 and 100 like '-75%', '+25%', ... Got %current%"
cannot-load-economy-provider: "Failed to load economy provider for shop '%shop%' with reason '%reason%', using default..."
cannot-find-economy-provider: "Could not find a economy provider for shop '%shop%' such as '%type%', using default..."
cannot-find-default-economy-provider: "Could not find the economy type specified inside the config.yml such as '%economy%', trying to automatically find supported economy type..."
cannot-load-default-economy-provider: "Failed to load default economy provider with reason '%reason%', trying to automatically find supported economy provider"

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