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Getting Started with ESGUI:

ESGUI is made up of 4 main files that are fully configurable, and is where everything about the plugin and shop items are stored. Unless you are only using commands to configure your shops, you will need to access your files and know how they work. Even the commands are based of the structure of the files.

  1. The Config.yml - this is where you configure How ESGUI should function. Any changes made to this file may require a server restart.

  2. The Sections configurations - These configs can be used to configure the shop category(section) which is linked to the shops config.

  3. The Shops configurations (most used file, you'll be here alot)- These configs store all item information for every shop item in the specific section.

  4. Last, and least used file is the languages file in the LanguageFiles folder.

    • Depending on which one you have configured ESGUI to use in the config.yml, this is where you can make changes to the messages and text lines of ESGUI's interface.

  5. You will need the required dependencies and to setup some permissions.


1. Economy Plugin - You will need to use an economy plugin, currently the plugin supports the following economy providers:

(Note: You only need one of these plugins for basic usage, but you can use multiple for multiple currencies. Other Vault Based Economy Plugins not listed here may also work with some limitations)

  • Vault - When using the Vault API you will also need a supported economy plugin such as EssentialsX or CMI(Using the Vault injector found in the 'Extra Resources' Tab https://www.zrips.net/faq/).

  • GemsEconomy - This plugin can store multiple currencies but is no longer being updated by the developer.

  • CoinsEngine - (Formally known as GamePoints) is a multi currency economy provider which support MySQL

  • PlayerPoints - This EconomyProvider supports MySQL

  • UltraEconomy - This plugin supports multiple currency's and has the ability to use MySQL

2. Permissions Plugin - A permissions plugin is optional, but recommended. Blocking access to certain shop category's or items requires one, see our guide here on how to use a permissions plugin.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

It's Broken Questions:

  1. ___(this or that)___ doesn't work!

  2. Only OPped players can access the shops:

  3. Why are all my spawners pig spawners?

  4. Plugin is disabled or is showing an internal error:

  5. Enchantments not keeping their level in an anvil:

    • Non-Vanilla Enchantment levels (unsafe enchants) will be removed by vanilla MC when the item is used in an anvil. We cannot fix this.

General Questions:

  1. How/where do I find ESGUI's files? (config.yml, shops, sections, and language files)

  2. How do I upgrade to premium?

  3. How do I change the tool(s) for silk-touching a spawner?

  4. How do I add a shop?

    • Use the ingame edit command

    • Use the config files, this will require to create a sections and shops config with the same name

  5. How do I change the plugin's language?

  6. How do I change the currency symbol?

    • You can change it to w/e you want inside the language file you are using.

  7. How do I setup discounts?

Shops/Item questions:

  1. How do I ___(configure items)___ ?

  2. How do I add or remove items from shops?

    • Use the ingame edit command to add/edit/remove items.

    • Use the shops config from the shop category.

  3. How do I make an item non-buyable/sellable?

    • Set it's buy or sell price to a negative #. Ex: sell: -1

  4. How do I make a Voucher item/Paper Money?

Section/Main Menu Questions:

  1. How do I remove or add a section (main menu item/shop)?

    • Use the ingame edit command to add/edit/remove sections.

    • Or: Remove the sections AND shops config.

      • It is important to remove both files, else a example shop will be created.

  2. How do I disable or remove a shop section?

  3. How do I change ___(this or that)___ of the main menu/sections?

  4. How do I make a hidden shop?

  5. How to disable the back button?

Permissions Questions:

  1. How do I use permissions?

  2. What permissions do I need?

  3. Only OPped players can access the shops:

Compatibility Questions:

  1. What plugins are compatible with ESGUI? - Must be enabled in config.yml to work!

    1. Compatible Silk-Spawner Plugins: - Must be enabled in config.yml to work!

    2. Compatible Item-Over-Stacking Plugins: - Must be enabled in config.yml to work!

  2. How do I change what can be used to break spawners?

  3. How do I enable 3rd party spawner plugins?

  4. How do I enable 3rd party item-stacker plugins?

  5. Can I use ESGUI with an eco plugin other than EssentialsX?

    • Yes! But it must be vault-compatible.

  6. Can I use items as currency(in exchange for items) in the shop?

    • Not currently. this may be added in the future.

Advanced administration questions:

  1. Does this plugin have an API? - No.

  2. Will it have an API in the future? - Maybe.

  3. Is the source code available? - No.

  4. Will the source code ever be available? - No.

  5. Can you decompile, modify or make changes the plugin?

    • No.

    • "EconomyShopGUI" aka "ESGUI" is the Intellectual Property (IP) of GP Plugins and may not be modified.

    • Sharing of the plugin is only permitted for the free version. The Premium version is NOT to be shared or otherwise manipulated per the posted Terms Of Service (TOS).

    • You may only use the Premium version on servers YOU OWN.

Upgrading from free to premium

Upgrading your plugin from free to premium is super easy, there are two ways to do this: Either copy all changes manually(not recommended) to the premium version's files or use the import command (recommended).

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