Learn how to solve annoying configuration and plugin errors that stop the plugin from working.

TS01. Check your latest.log file for errors or issues:

Plugins will log problems, warnings, and information at server startup. Always start here!

  • Your Console log has a limit to how many lines it can display and WILL NOT show all of the startup logging after it's finished. It will scroll by too fast to remain on screen.

  • You can find the latest.log in the <Root_Folder>/logs/ folder (and zipped previous log files)

  • You should be able to access your server files directly from your server-host's "File Browser" on the webpage, or via an FTP/SFTP connection (Refer to your server host's support if you can't find it).

  • If you cannot access your server's files, it may be EXTREMELY difficult to assist in troubleshooting.

  • You can upload/share files/logs on discord by:

    • A. rename the file extension to one discord will allow (.txt works).

    • B. copy-paste the contents of the log/file to a site like or (auto deletes after a few weeks), Save, and copy url to chat. (or - may want to set expiry time) .

    • C. paste the entire log's contents to chat (discord will turn it into a file)

TS02. Check that you have the latest version of the Plugin:

  • Run a command in console or as an OPped/admin player: /version <Plugin_Name> - This will show you the current running version of the plugin and if it has a newer version available.

TS03. Check that you have the latest server version (Bukkit/Spigot/Paper):

  • This generally only applies to the latest version of Minecraft. Older versions of MC will have a FINAL BUILD that won't be updated anymore.

  • /version by itself will show you the current running build and how many versions out-of-date it is.

  • Updating to the latest version is recommenced when you are having issues with core Minecraft functionality, plugins are using code that is not available in the running version, and it is general good practice to update it roughly once a month to ensure smooth server operation.

  • NOTE: if you're running the bleeding edge of Minecraft. (the latest version of Minecraft Mojang released. You CAN EXPECT there to be issues and plugin non-comparability for several months until developers have updated their code to work on the latest version of Minecraft. PLEASE BE PATIENT.

TS05. Use the /RESTART command, not the /RELOAD command:

While many plugins may still work when using the /reload command to re-initialize the code for the plugin(s):

  • It will NOT properly update any plugin that you have updated files/versions of

  • It is KNOWN to BREAK some plugins that have to initialize during server startup.

  • While ESGUI may work after a /reload, other plugins may have issues and it recommended that you RESTART the server after adding/removing/updating any plugins/jar-files

TS07. Check /plugins (or /pl) list for disabled plugin(s):

  • this is an easy way to see if a plugin is disabled(red text when run by a player in-game) due to some error on startup, again, check your latest.log to find out why!

TS10. Identify conflicting plugins and commands:

A. Plugins:

  • You can only have ONE Permissions plugin on a server. More than one will cause weird issues/permission denied errors.

  • >ANY permission plugin of YOUR CHOOSING will work, but only use one, and make sure it is compatible with your MC version.

  • Common Permission Plugins: LuckPerms(Recommended!), PowerRanks, GroupManager, PermissionsX aka PEX (not maintained, do not use.), MyPermissions, bPermissions, zPermissions, PowerfulPerms, PermissionsBukkit, BungeePerms, etc....

  • Bukkit's permissions.yml is not supported/may not work as expected. please use a permissions plugin.

B. Commands:

  • READ THE PLUGIN PAGE(S)/WIKI(S), commands list, and permissions list, and changelogs when updating for all the plugins you use. Knowing what your plugins do, have available for you to use and configure is the mark of a knowledgeable server owner/admin/maintainer.

  • if 2 plugins share the same root command, like /shop you can either:

    • A. remove the unwanted/needed plugin with the same command

    • B. use the commands.yml (Located in the Root folder of your server) to override/redirect the command.

C. Both/Either:

  • If you have conflicting Commands, Plugins, Permissions or Other conflict, you can identify what is causing the issue by Removing or disabling plugins you think may be causing the issue ONE-BY-ONE:

    1. What did you add/change/remove that may have caused the issue?

    2. Remove a suspected conflicting plugin

    3. Restart server

    4. Test/Retest issue.

      1. If issue persists, start step 1 again

      2. If issue is resolved/gone. the last plugin removed/disabled is most likely related to the problem - Read up on it! (consult that plugin's documentation/wiki).

IF you have a test server or Plugin manager/unloader (ie: Plugman): you can use that to unload plugin(s) and re-test the issue instead of restarting. Restart your server after identifying and fixing the issue. Loading/unloading plugins in-game are not supported and may cause issues without a proper restart.

Bukkit's Commands.yml file examples: (see also YAML formatting):

  - lp user $1 promote ranktrack
  #the above creates an alias that sends a player name to the LuckPerms command to promote a player along the 'ranktrack' already setup in luckperms
  - lp user $1 demote ranktrack
  #same as prev, but for demote
  superpickaxe: []
  #the above disables the superpickaxe command
  - discord $1-
  #the above creates an alias (anotehr command for) for the discordSRV plugin that will take any number of subsiquent command values
  - EconomyShopGUI:shop $1-
  #the above will force the /shop command to ALWAYS open the ESGUI shop (and accept any number of additional arguments/values)
  - someotherplugin:shop $1-
  #the above will open someotherplugin's shop when you use the /shop2 command (and accept any number of additional arguments/values)

TS11. How to reset a plugin to defaults (From scratch):

We tried everything already and we need to start over...

  1. Jar may be corrupt: (see also TS04 - How to update/install plugins)

    1. Downloading the jar from plugin webpage (ie: spigot).

    2. Deleting the plugin jar file from your server's plugins/ folder (you may need to stop the server first)

    3. Uploading the file you just downloaded to your server host’s plugins/ folder

    4. Restart the server.

  2. If needed, Reset configs to defaults:

    1. Backup existing files if needed!

    2. Delete all the files in plugins/EconomyShopGUI/ -or- Rename the files inside it

      • the plugin only looks for sections.yml,shops.yml, and config.yml files, and a LanguageFiles folder. anything else will be ignored.

This should fix almost any issue.

TS12. A command isn't working:

  1. Is it disabled in ESGUI's config.yml? (command itself, or in specific world?)

  2. Do you have to required permissions assigned? (check your permissions plugin, and the list of permission nodes for ESGUI

  3. Another plugin also has the same command (remove other plugin, or use commands.yml) See Conflicting commands

TS13. 32 Inventory Title Character Error

  • Fix your lang-<your_language>.yml's inventory-<whereever>-title: so it does not exceed 32 characters, this includes formatting characters. There are a couple of these!

  • This is a limitation in 1.12 and older.

TS14. The plugin is Disabled/Red -or- /shop shows internal error:

This is commonly due too one of a few reasons:

  1. You do not have an Economy plugin (Required Dependency)

  2. You do not have Vault (Required Dependency)

  3. You have manually edited your YML file(s) and there is an error. (See YAML Formatting) Validate your yml formatting, and then any other errors will be logged at startup to your latest.log

  4. You're not running the latest version of MC and ESGUI's default configs are currently only setup for the latest version of MC. (See Barrier blocks below)

  5. Something else: Check your startup logs!

TS15. You Have BARRIER blocks in your shop:

Default configs for ESGUI are currently setup for the latest version of MC ONLY. if you are using an older version you will need to do ONE of the following:

A. Use files in #shop-files-sharing on discord for your version of Minecraft: - NOTE: older versioned files may need to be converted. (see notice(s) in that channel were applicable)

B. Manually remove the invalid items with the /editshop command: - NOTE: invalid items will be logged to your latest.log file so you can easily identify them.

C. Manually remove the invalid items directly from the yml files: - NOTE: invalid items will be logged to your latest.log file so you can easily identify them. See also YAML Formatting

TS16. Placed spawners are all Pig Spawners:

All of my spawners become pig spawners when I place them.

  • This is typically due to a compatibility issue between ESGUI and another plugin (both trying to intercept the same event)

  • Or another plugin is blocking this. Please see TS10 and read up on the conflicting plugin, it may need to be configured to allow the spawner-place/break event to work (ex: CMI blocks this by default).

How to fix this:

  • The plugin is currently only compatible with the plugins listed in the config.yml. (check that first, this post may be outdated).

  • Don't sell spawners in the Shop or disable in sections.yml

  • Purchase ESGUI Premium which supports NBT Tags and add those tags to the items in the shop.

TS17. Mobs aren't spawning from my spawners:

This is not an issue with ESGUI.

  • ESGUI does not manipulate any spawn conditions.

  • Another plugin is blocking mob-spawning.

    • Plugins such as Worldguard have the capability to prevent mob spawning (allowed by default)

    • Other plugins, See TS10.C. and test.

TS18. Players can't place/break blocks:

This is not a problem with ESGUI.

ESGUI does not prevent any block breaking or placing. Plugins such as the following (or others) have the ability to prevent these actions:

  • (not a plugin) Spawn Protection distance. builtin to bukkit.yml

  • Essentials Protect can block players form placing/breaking blocks in places you don't want them to. (Configure it, or remove it)

  • Worldguard can block placement/breaking of blocks for players who aren't a member/owner of the region the block is attempted to be placed in

TS19. Players are getting different prices with the /sell command

The /Sell command is NOT part of ESGUI. It is usually found as a part of the Essentials(X) plugin.

  • ESGUI's command is /sellall

To fix the issue, do one of the following:

  • A. Delete the contents of Essential's worth.yml and /ess reload

  • B. Disable or re-direct/alias the /sell command using the commands.yml

  • C. Block the command with permissions. (consult your permissions plugin)

ESGUI may have a method to synchronize these in the future. Please be patient.

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