EconomyShopGUI - Overview

This is the wiki for EconomyShopGUI. Learn what it is, how to install, configure and use the plugin!

What is EconomyShopGUI(ESGUI) and what can it do?

This plugin is a fully customizable GUI shop plugin that your players can use to buy items from, and sell items to the server. There are numerous features and configuration options in the plugin, such as a DiscordSRV hook, discounts/multipliers, player transaction logs, seasonal pricing, multiple supported economy's, ... The best part being is that it is possible to add/edit/remove shop items/category's using ingame commands, no configs files required, nor server restarts to edit the shop!

Key features:

Shops Examples:

In-Game Item Editor - *Premium Only:

Where to get it:

Free Version:

Premium Version:

Plugin showcase videos:

If you want to create a video on how to use this plugin and feature it here, be sure to send us a message on Discord!


  • *1: Max items IS unlimited, However, adding an outrageous number of items may have adverse effects on plugin or server performance. (we have not observed this being an issue yet)

  • *2: Vanilla Mobs only. ESGUI does NOT change any mob spawning behavior, it only changes the mobtype of the spawner when placed.

  • *Premium Only: Premium version has additional features not available in the free version. Please upgrade and support the developers if you need those extra features! The Free version will always support vanilla functionality and compatibility.

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